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We also clean for parties - moving - busy moms - the elderly - the deserving - and the just plain busy...

A maid cleaning service built on skill and trust
Established in 1990, Maid America is a daytime residential and professional office cleaning service offering dependable, satisfaction guaranteed results. Many of Maid America's service professionals and customers have been with us for over five years. We enjoy developing a long-term relationship with them, and invite you to try our Maid Service
Maid America,
The year was 1994 when I moved into my duplex and when I first used Maid America. I was impressed with the professionalism of your employees. Well... Now it is the 21st Century and things have not changed a bit. I am still in my duplex and I am still using Maid America and they are still just as great (if not even better)! I think what really stands out, in my mind's eye, is that whenever I call for an appointment I don't have to worry if the person will be good. THEY ALL DO A FANTASTIC JOB!
Regards, Francine (A Very Satisfied Customer)

Monthly Housekeeping Service

Lockbox key service
Over half of our customers are members of our key service. This provides regular cleaning and maid service while you are out and about.

Personalized service
We try to ensure that you get the same cleaner for each visit. Your personal preferences come first with us.

Professional training
Maid America has mandatory house-cleaning classes and refresher courses for our carefully chosen service professionals.

We do the paperwork
Since Maid America takes pride in keeping staff permanently, we do the taxes, insurance, social services and related paperwork. This frees you to get on with your life.

Get a life
Click the link and let Maid America Maid Service bring order to your daily chaos.